J Crew - Holding out on me??

  1. What's up with the J Crew final sale this year? It seems like everything is ridiculously expensive. In years past I've always picked up a few final sale pieces right after Christmas and gotten really good deals (I got a silk-lined houndstooth blazer for like $50 last year), but this year everything seems to be 20%-30% off. There's no way I'm going to risk an item not fitting or being some funky color I don't like IRL for 20% off. When the nonreturnable items are 50-70% off, we'll talk J Crew.

    Anyone having better luck in the J Crew stores?
  2. Yea! J.crew store in the mall at long island 12/26 had 40% off all sale items. That was great. But a few days later I went to a store in the city the sale wasn't event there.. it was werid. SA told me that they get e-mails from company then they do as told... ??? WERid
  3. Yes, some people here said their J. Crew store had an additional 50% off sale items. Mine was only 25% off. I guess it varies by store. Even so, I need petites so the in-store discounts don't help me too much. I have a few things in my bag and I am waiting for bigger discounts. You are right in that some things are still too expensive considering they can't be returned.
  4. 5th ave j crew had 50% off recently -- great deals, like cashmere sweaters for $40. and also i think i got an email saying additional 50% for a limited time online (not right now though). but i agree, they have been weird this year, like different states have different sales at different times.
  5. I'm surprised too the prices are not as reduced as before. I did get two merino wool sweaters that I didn't like so I returned them to the store last week.
  6. I racked up on the sale I posted about last Friday - cashmere sweaters for $20 & $40, tissue t's $5, lounge pants $12, some belts a purse, shoes. I got some great stuff.

    But, I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to buy anything from JCrew during their Final aale online, for these 2 reasons:
    - no returns
    - sales aren't that spectacular
  7. i got on their website the first morning of the final sale and got some good deals: two pairs of ribbon-strap flip flops, $9.99 originally $24.50, two tissue t's for $9.99 apiece, a $40 skirt from last summer that i wanted THEN for $9.99. the good stuff goes SUPER fast, so the stuff that's up right now is all kinda mediocre and too expensive. i would have bought more, but the site was going so slow that by the time i got back to the sale page from my shopping bag, several of the things that i had wanted were gone.

    i buy such a large amount of my wardrobe from jcrew that i mostly know what i like, what i won't, and what size i need, so shopping the final sale doesn't bother me. i've never returned anything that i've bought on their website anyway.

    the in-store sale in metro Atlanta has sucked (and i've been to every jcrew in the ATL since christmas except for one, including the outlet.) right after christmas, there wasn't an additional percentage off at all. since then they've done an extra 25% off, but it's mostly sweaters and heavy wool coats, and let's face it, you don't need that many things made of wool if you live in Georgia.
  8. ^^Yeah, I logged on the first morning too and bought a black dress coat, it was $200 I think, not a great deal, but exactly what I wanted and in my size. I didn't want to wait on it because I knew I'd end up buying some funky color and style if I did. But I've pretty much stayed clear since then. I really like J Crew shoes but the prices on those are way too high for my tastes...we'll see what happens in a few weeks...
  9. J Crew outlets have 40% off of all sale items. SUPER cheap :yahoo:
  10. online sale is additional 25% off now
  11. You can get an extra 10%off using the cod SNTL. :smile:
  12. They had this tweed-like jacket w/ ruffles at the end of the sleeve - loved it forever - and then it went on sale - my size - but it was still $200 and then I saw NO RETURNS I was like (ummmm......maybe not) :sad: not worth it.