J Crew handbags

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  1. I've had a couple J crew bags and they scratch really easily (if leather). But they are pretty.
  2. I like the first one.
  3. I have the Nicola Tote, but not in this brown color; it's in "old tree" color - a bronzy multi-colored one. http://bagcraze.blogspot.com/2008/02/junior-drake-nicola-woven-detail-tote.html As you can see, it's over 500 dollars, but I got it for just over 200 dollars on Ebay. I do love it (beauty and function combined), but I have not used it yet. The leather seems like good quality. The bag is SO heavy though; it seriously beats a Chloe Paddington for sure in weight. I can't wait to use it after all these months using my older bags.

  4. Ooops. I just realized that this is J. Crew you're talking about, not Junior Drake! LOL. No, I do not own any J. Crew.
  5. It might help you to look at an old post about JCrew bags. There was a discussion about them. I never bought one but checked them out IRL. They appear to be made very well, however, due to the nature of their leather, they will get scratched up but I think that's the expected look of the leather. Again, check out the post, if you don't get enough feedback.
  6. i have a j.crew tote i used to use for school. it worked fine, and i used it a lot. but for handbags, i'd probably rather put in a little bit more and buy something designer instead.
  7. I saw the second bag in JCrew on Saturday and I thought it was really cute in person. I wanted to snatch one up, but had to hold on to my money.
  8. I think the second bag is cute too. I saw it in person as well. And, I'd be more willing to spend the money on this rather than Givenchy. (I've always liked the bag...but not willing to spend that much on it.)
  9. I have the first bag - the Campo - in burnt sienna. The leather is nice and it's a very roomy bag. I also get a lot of compliments when I wear it. It sits well on the shoulders and also feels and looks nice when held like a tote.

    My only gripes are: (a) it scratches easily (the scratches can be softly rubbed away, but I get annoyed when I have to do this frequently) and (b) it stains easily (e.g. when it rubs against a pair of jeans, and I'm talking designer jeans that I've never had color transfer problems with before). Also, I've heard some complaints that the bag is bigger in person. I take no issue with that, as I love big bags, even though I am only 5'2 :smile:

    Overall, I think it's a really lovely bag, but I personally don't think it holds up as nicely as some of the other bags which I've purchased for a similar price.
  10. i have a couple of metallic leather bags and i love them. they are pretty and comfortable. the leather is super soft. i am super careful, so i have tried to not get scratches- i can see that they could scratch up. the bags are beautifully made and, if you take care of them, i think they could last a long time!

    when i want a nice bag that doesn't scream designer, i use my j crews.
  11. Wanted to :bump: this to see if anyone else has gotten a J Crew handbag. They have some really lovely designs!!
  12. I got a hockney tote recently. Love it! The leather's really soft and it fits a lot. The leather is the type that would scratch easily, but it adds to a worn-in look, which I like on this bag.
  13. I haven't bought one myself but I stopped in the other day to look at a few. I don't know, nothing impressed me. The designs are very bland IMO.
  14. ^ITA with faith_ann, it seems like they play it pretty safe with their handbags. but that's just the look that they have in general