J.Crew Handbags...

  1. Has anyone here ever bought one? Some of them look really nice, but I've never seen them in person.






  2. I havent seen them in person, but they look pretty cute.
  3. Have not seen those particular bags at J Crew- they are so cute! I have seen other bags there IRL, and they are pretty well made especially for that price point! I really like hte black tote!
  4. I like them are they alot of money.
  5. I love that black tote, too!
  6. They're not too bad...I'll try to add the prices to my original post.
  7. I love the look of these. I've been tempted to buy in the past (and probably will in the future).
  8. Awe...Look at this bag for men:
  9. I love the bigger of the two green ones. :love:
  10. I've seen some in the stores, they are usually pretty good quality. That green one reminds me of a Mulberry.
  11. For that price, I would be all over that! It has the style of a Tod's bag, and if it is anything like their past bags, the leather feels really sturdy so it would be a great everyday bag! I like it more and more just thinking about it:love:
  12. I saw a few of them but not all. The leather was not bad and the canvas tote which I really looked at was made well.
  13. Me too. The black bag is my favorite. I wish that bag came in that Vicuna color; I really need a brown bag, but not dark brown.
  14. Good-looking bags, Buttery :biggrin:
  15. The mens' duffle is a ripoff! For that price I'd rather buy a mono keepall or save an extra $200 to get the epi!