J Crew free shipping

  1. Free shipping on purchases of $175 or more. Enter OCTFS at checkout.
  2. yes it worked today...I saved almost 18 bucks!
  3. Free shipping on every purchase, 3 days only!

  4. FS1008, good til the 10th.
  5. The Fall sale just started today; there are a few items now marked down that weren't there before. ShipOCT still works for free shipping!
  6. SHIPOCT is still working for free shipping, no minimum. Thanks so much! I just ordered three of the puff-sleeve tissue tees. I already have one, and they are really cute. I was waiting for them to go on sale. I also love the Pippa jacket, but I am going to look for that in the store so I can get my 10% student discount. Unfortunately, the tees were online/catalog only.
  7. Thanks for the free shipping codes!
  8. these codes didn't work for me, but use SHIRT for free shipping over $175 good until the 17th