j crew felicia coat? 2R v. 2T sizing

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  1. this is my first post in this section and i think some of you girls might have some answers for me.

    for starters, there's a 30% final sale at jcrew.com and i was contemplating on the felicia coat.


    the thing is...they only have 2T. so when i called customer service, they were able to give me some measurements on the coat. i kept asking what was the difference between the regular and tall sizes and the girl basically said that the sleeves + overall length of the coat would be 2 inches longer than the regular.

    now..my questions....

    1) does anyone own the felicia coat and know whether it fits true to size? or can i get away with the tall size being at 5'5 and 120lbs?

    2) would an alteration of the sleeves be difficult or simply not worth spending additional money on? the coat would come out to roughly 70 dollars...but it's a final sale so no returns are allowed.

    please help if you have any insight! thanks!
  2. im not sure exactly how it fits. but i usually find that i can wear both tall and regular (however, i am 6' tall). I just don't find there too be too much difference.
    I hope someone has this jacket. Btw, I would totally get it. It looks like a cute coat!
  3. Alterations are super easy to shorten the sleeves and the hem if needed. I find my sleeves are a little short with the reg length for me but perfect with the long so the long will probably be too long on you. I am 5'9. To give you a rough estimate on alteration costs, I had my coat that was lined in thinsulate taken in on the sides and it only cost me 20$. To have my sleeves lengthened on the same coat last year (it was a regular length), it cost me only 6$.