J. Crew F&f ???

  1. Does anyone know of or have a friends and family deal?
  2. anyone have any discounts at all for j. crew?
  3. i dont know of any f&f discounts but they have an extra 20% off sale items going on for a few days. hth
  4. I too haven't heard of friends and family discounts for J.crew. They do have an extra 50% sale items sale coming up I heard, not sure when though
  5. * $20 off $100 or more online, enter code DC-449
  6. That code has expired, I tried it, it didn't work :sad:

  7. I just used the coupon and it worked
  8. does anybody have info about this 50% extra sale? I can't wait for this to happen!!!!!!
    Thank you thank you thank you!