J. Crew Extra 40% Off Sale Items!

  1. Use code OURTREAT
  2. Thanks:smile:
  3. wahoo they have some great items on sale!
  4. Thank you for posting this!
  5. No problem!! They always do 30% off but 40% is rare! LOL! Lots of great stuff! Happy shopping!! :smile:
  6. Has anyone tried combining this promo with the teacher's discount in store?
  7. I believe you can combine it with the teacher's discount in stores. I got a pencil skirt this afternoon and got the 40% off and then the 15% off student discount as well.
  8. I thought the student and teacher discount is only apply to full priced item?
  9. Nope! They had that for awhile but now it's an extra 15% off everything
  10. Awesome! Thanks:smile:
  11. So no student discount online? Can I call in for an adjustment?
  12. They don't do the student discount for online purchases, but if you have a personal shopper or a relationship with a sales associate, they have been known to price adjust it to reflect the student discount. My sales associate will do it, but I think it depends.
  13. Is it final sale in-store as well?
  14. Yes
  15. AH! I always feel so bad asking and I didn't LAST NIGHT or TODAY! I've gone twice and purchased both times. Oh well, next time!