J Crew codes?

  1. Does anyone have a free shipping for j-crew?? I would greatly appreciate it!...Thanks...
  2. I just answered my own question...I had to search 6 pages.

    Code: Freeship
    still works:tup:
  3. Yay! Glad to know it still works!
  4. now there's an extra 20% off final sale items and the code "freeship" still works! thanks!!!
  5. Any extra off in-store???
  6. Yippee...just ordered the black cashmere turtleneck for $55 bucks...freeship still works on any amount and, by the way, jcrew back on a certain money back website...e*****.
  7. Woo! I finally snagged the black dream v-neck sweater dress I have been stalking. It was only $39, plus free shipping! The UPS guy is going to think I am crazy with all the packages I have been getting lately. It was worth setting my alarm way early... now I am going back to bed for a little while!
  8. Oh the things we do for a bargain...

  9. I was in J Crew on Monday and they were having an additional 25% off all markdowns.
  10. thanks
  11. Ha! I got the same thing! Freeship still works!
  12. I purchased my chinos last night and imagine my surprise that this a.m., they have 20% off! I called and they did a price adjustment immediately. Thank you J-CREW!:yahoo:
  13. thanks ladies! I used the freeship code too for a few cashmere sweaters at 20%!!
  14. Haha, I've done this too!