J Crew codes anyone??

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  1. I want to buy a couple pairs of shoes and they want $18.50 for shipping. What a joke!
  2. OMG ITA!

    I recently got a a 20% off coupon good for j crew for a purchase of $175 or more (its expired already) So I decided to go ahead with my order despite the outrageous shipping (the discount cancelled it out and them some)

    Now I am returning everything and so Im out the $18 shipping, plus return shipping of $6. What a rip off!:tdown::cursing:
  3. I can't understand the reasoning behind penalizing people who want to spend a lot of money on their site by raping them with these shipping charges. I am refusing to place my order until I can find a code. I called customer service and the guy said codes go out by email and he can not give any out over the phone. Whatever!
  4. you can, if you live close to a J. Crew, place the order in-store and get free shipping. I do this ALL the time. Shipping with J .Crew is Ri-damn-diculous
  5. 01FS04

    i had to try a few times for it to work, but it does.
  6. jcrew stores in socal said that they don't do free shipping when you place in-store order. when did they change the rule? so disappointed.
  7. ^^That's weird. You did call the catalog through the red phone, right? I've called from stores in New York and Philly and never had pay shipping. They even honored an in store sale that wasn't available online.

  8. sweet that worked!
  9. Worked for me too, thank you! Saved a bunch on shipping :nuts:.

  10. Still worked tonite! Yay! :tup: