J. Crew coats and Thinsulate??

  1. Has anyone ever bought a J. Crew coat with Thinsulate?? Apparently it's supposed to be 1.5 times warmer than down!! I'm debating whether to get one but I'm curious about what exactly Thinsulate is and whether it makes the coat thicker. Any experiences?
  2. I have one - my dog ate all the buttons off it after I only wore it about twice in really cold weather, so it's sitting waiting for new buttons now. It is thicker & heavier & warmer - warmer than a true cold weather down parka? IMO No - but warmer than other regular wool or cashmere coats because of the thinsulate. It's maybe as warm as my TNF Metropolis down parka - that is a thinner down parka though.
  3. Thinsulate is great :tup:

    From Wikipedia:
    Thinsulate is a synthetic fibre used for thermal insulation in clothing. The word is a portmanteau of thin and insulate, and is a trademark of the 3M Corporation. The material was first sold in about 1980.
    Thinsulate fibres are much thinner than the polyester fibres normally used in clothing (gloves or winter jackets) insulation, allowing them to create a dense, tangled mat that reflects radiant heat and traps air while allowing moisture to escape. This is, that the heat produced by the body stays inside keeping a warmth temperature while the moisture produced e.g. for sweating is supposed to evaporate. The manufacturer claims that, for a given thickness of material, Thinsulate provides 1 to 1.5 times the insulation of duck down, while being much less water-absorbent and much more resistant to crushing.
    In 1978 Thinsulate insulation was introduced, marketed as the original "warmth without bulk" insulation. Marketing material suggests it retains its insulating ability even in damp conditions.
    Advertising material for thinsulate suggests that thinsulate is more effective due to the increased density of fibers with decreased size of fibers compared with more traditional insulation.
  4. I have two jcrew coats with thinsulate and one without, the thinsulate definitely makes it warmer!!! Makes my wool/cashmere coats into cold weather winter coats, the one without is still warm, just not for less than 40 degree warm
  5. compared to other synthetics like rayon, thinsulate is warmer. It can't compare to down though. If you're going to the himalayas, everyone wears down. (Down of course is a lot poofier. )
    But in the city, thinsulate is fine.
  6. If you're in DC, I would get the thinsulate. I lived in Boston and have some with thinsulate but in Seattle, it's really not needed most of the time, just the coat is enough. If I remember right, it unbuttons out, doesn't it?
  7. ooohhhh...so it's just an extra removable layer?? i imagined that it was like, UNDER the lining, like built-in...i'm just so confused as to what it's going to look like. think i'll call jcrew customer service today.
  8. I have the wool/cashmere plaza coat with thinsulate - it does not have a removable liner. Its built in the coats non removable lining. I don't think any of the jcrew wool coats have a zip out/button out liner like that. My coat looks exactly like the regular plaza coat - it's just thicker/heavier material because of the thinsulate lining. Looking at me in it - you would never know.
  9. My friends and I all had JCrew coats with thinsulate in college here in Chicago. This was a few years ago, but we really didn't find these coats to be that warm. They are warmer than coats without a heavy lining, but there are definitely warmer coats out there. Also, I don't know if they have changed but the lining always shredded after a year or two. I don't think any of us ever bought a second thinsulate coat from JCrew.
  10. my thinsulate jcrew coat is my warmest coat by far
  11. My four winter coats from Jcrew are all lined with Thinsulite - they all keep me very warm and they are still light weight and I don't burn up if I am wearing the coat inside
  12. my jcrew coat w/ thinsulate is much heavier than a regular coat, but keeps me much warmer. it keeps me warm, but doesn't make me overheat. usually i overheat if i wear a down coat.
  13. im definitely going to get one of these coats this winter. i wanted one last year but i ended up not buying it because it was kind of expensive. i was wondering they sell the same styles every year so i can get the one i wanted last year?
  14. There are warmer coats out there. It's warm, but not that warm. Down would be the warmest to buy.
  15. My JCrew coats all have thinsulate lining (it's built in - you can't remove it)... I like them because they're warmer than just regular wool coats without the bulk of an extra layer.

    They're definitely not as warm as a down parka though!