J.Crew- awesome sweater jackets for fall!

  1. Heya :smile: First i want to start off saying i'm usually not a fan of J.Crew.. usually i find it runs too large/not flattering enough/not nice enough quality/whatever... BUT today i went in on a whim and they had tonnss of these adorable sweater jackets!

    I bought this one in this colour..

    also comes in navy..


    It's 100% wool, SO flattering, and feels great (not itchy at all)! I also thought the price was pretty good at $148


    They also have this one, which my mom bought in Navy.. ($140 & cotton)



    Was just really impressed with these and had to share! They also had quite a few more slight variations in store that i don't see on the website. Hope you like as much as i do!:heart:
  2. yeah i've had my eye on that first one for a while...still need to go pick one up!!!!!! good to hear it's flattering and not itchy. that was my concern, since it looks so boxy...
  3. That's so funny you posted that sweater...because I ordered it two weeks ago! It's been too hot here to wear, but I can't wait to. There was one that I purchased earlier this summer that is navy and white striped...similar loook.

    Enjoy wearing it!
  4. So cute...I need to stop by a J Crew. I haven't been to one in ages!
  5. wow, very cute...
  6. Thanks for the review. I was hesitant to try it on but now I'm going back to J.Crew!
  7. That is gorgeous! Going to the website to take a peek right now. :biggrin:
  8. j.crew is doing well for itself...

    the look has really evolved. i shopped a ton from their s/s collection because it has this whole summer-in-capri look that was killer.

    i love the jacket your mom got!
  9. I love that first sweater. I'll have to check it out.
  10. That is so cute! I really love the red. I was already planning on going to J.Crew this weekend so I'll definitely have to check it out.
  11. hehe, DC girls got stylllee!;)
  12. oooooooh i love the first one!
  13. Those are cute. The styles always seem so basic and boxy everytime I go. I'm glad it looks like they are changing a little. I'll have to check out the site.

    Does anyone know how well their knits hold up? Will that last only a season or two or longer? Will I need to shave/comb the pills?
  14. I don't mind that J. Crew runs big, I like fitting into a size small, (even though I know I am a medium). I guess they have the vanity sizing.
  15. I love the first jacket! That's really too cute! :yes: