J. Crew additional 50% off sale items - IN STORE

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  1. my SA called my yesterday (sorry didn't post sooner). I was in the Georgetown Store (DC), but check your stores too. She told me some are only doing 25% :cursing:
  2. Just a heads up - not valid in Burlingame, CA store. I haven't bothered to check other stores in SF Bay Area. Thanks though!
  3. not valid in Atlanta/Perimeter store. they're only doing 25%
  4. The Atlanta stores are only offering an additional 25% off clearance. They had some cute dresses on sale if you are willing to fight the crowds.
  5. Does anyone know if it is still going on today?
  6. It is still going on at the JCrew I go to. The store is pretty small and the selection that was 50% off was slim. I did get a navy blue merino sweater(so soft!) that was marked from $50 to $25.
  7. Not in Chicago store, there was no 25% extra or 50% off. I was very disappointed. :sad:
  8. It is an extra 50% off in NJ at Garden state plaza. I don't normally go there but I went in by chance yesterday and got a pair of pants for $45 in a nice charcoal gray. And the Limited had an extra 40% off all sale items. They had some nice jewelry.
  9. only extra 25% off in Louisville, KY.