J Crew ad w/ 5yo boy with pink toenails sparks debate about gender identity

  1. actually, I was being serious. Its a pretty color

    (i didnt feel like making a id thread on it lol)

  2. its a start thanks!
  3. You're welcome! Maybe the girls in the Essie thread can ID it for you. :smile:
  4. same here.
  5. The polish color in the ad is Essie Peep Show, which was a color exclusive to J. Crew and it's now sold out. There is no shopping mystery that can't be solved on tPF. . . . :graucho:
  6. I would NEVER paint my sons toe nails.
  7. Good for you.
  8. When a company does something like this, I'm always suspicious. J.Crew is looking to make a profit; I doubt the advertisers' primary motive was to make a statement about the fluidity of gender or roles. No different to Dove's "Real Woman" ads.

    Colour me cynical.

    Not sure why this year-old thread was bumped up, but interesting discussion no less.
  9. Why this year-old thread was bumped for essentially a non-response is baffling. Why bother?
  10. To each their own.
  11. lmao I was thinking the same exact thing. That was quickly followed with 'oh boy here we go again!'