J Crew 30% off final sale

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  1. Coupon code EXTRA30 is working again for an extra 30% off final sale! Get there quickly, stuff is disappearing fast! :smile: I bought some sale stuff as well as some promotional items, and the code worked on both
  2. Thanks! Any free shipping codes?
  3. CAKE for purchases over $100
    ICING for purchases over $150
    Both are for free shipping but expired on 1/25/09
    I wasn't able to stack code when I placed an online order but I called CS and they waived the shipping fee for me so phone orders might be better.
  4. I placed an order tonight, and now I'm DONE with jcrew for a while. They've seen way too much of my money lately. I'm gonna stay away unless I need to use a reward gift card before March or whenever they expire.

    The sale seems more cleaned out than its been in a while right now anyway.
  5. JEALOUS! I called CS last night to see if I could possibly get free shipping along with the 30% off - the rep told me that they could not do that. How did you persuade them? Does is depend on the CS rep you get? Let me know, TIA.
  6. I tried 2 reps and the second one was very helpful and gave me a 30% discount and free shipping, but I do havea JCrew card.
  7. they need to restock!!
  8. J Crew site is VERY bogged down~ I was finally to place an order:
    I ordered~

    The dress I got for $35, shirts for $21 and the cashmere cardigan $56.

    I am super excited!
  9. does this mean they are updating their sites for the sale?
  10. Not sure exactly. I just the email that it's an additional 30% off of Sale merchandise. I just went to get a couple of coats....and they're all gone in my size! :tdown:
  11. Ugh they started updating the site right in the middle of when I was browsing it!!
  12. I can't even browse the site....it's experiencing "technical difficulties"! I am so annoyed bc this happens all of the time. :confused1:
  13. Sorry guys, I feel bad!

  14. Maybe try calling again and see if they can credit you the shipping cost. It really DOES depend on who you get, totally. No one has the same story there at all.

    Tell them that you shop there ALOT, it might help (even if you don't). I always say this because I really do leave so much of my money with them.