J.Crew 15% off

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  1. My catalog yesterday had a code for 15% off any purchase, which J.Crew was offering b/c of all the issues they were having when they were updating their website last month. I think the code was FALL and it is good through 9/15 I believe. Happy Shopping!
  2. Is this for any purchase amount? Has anyone tried it and it worked?
  3. sweet! thanks!
  4. Wow I am shocked JCrew is offering a discount code. They never just hand out 15% off. Usually they are so stingy with their codes.
  5. I know - I was pretty shocked to but I think they were getting lots of backlash from the problems with their website. The weird thing is that they kind of tucked in the discount in the middle of the catalog and I only noticed it the second time when I was flipping through it.
  6. It is FALL for sure. I just got my catalog today. Could they have made the promotion code smaller!!?? LOL it was written teeny tiny at the bottom!
  7. I just tried it and my order was excluded! Agh! Does the code list any particular exclusions?
  8. the code applies only to full-price items.

    also, in my catalog, it says that the promotion expires september 5, 2008.
  9. Thank you for posting!
  10. Thanks for the info about the exclusions. I was just about to checkout and it's a sale item. I would've been wondering why the 15% didn't register.
  11. Last week they had 30 percent off the sale items.. grr I didn't write the code down.. gone now. :sad:
  12. WANT TO SAVE 20% off at JCREW until August 29th. Here is the email I rec'd, that will save you 20% off. Enjoy!!!

  13. Here is the FINE PRINT for the COUPON above:

    *OFFER NOT VALID AT J.CREW FACTORY STORES. 20% discount applies to purchase of full price
    merchandise totaling $100 or more before taxes are added in J.Crew stores only.
    Purchase of sale merchandise does not count toward $100 threshold. Please ask your personal shopper for further details. Offer valid through Friday, August 29, 2008.This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion.
    Offer does not apply to orders made by phone or through jcrew.com, previous purchases or the purchase of gift cards.
  14. Can you combine the FALL code for 15% with the student discount? TIA!
  15. No you can't combine codes, Jcrew has become more strict with combining codes now