J Crew 10% off code works with 70% off sale items

  1. J Crew is having their 70% off sale. You get another 10% off if you use the code SNTL at checkout. Dh got 2 pairs of Khakis for $14.99 ea., marked down from 59.50, and with the 10% code you basically get free shipping.

    They have some really nice silk dresses in select sizes, too.
  2. where do you see 70% off. The prices are still the same as last week and the weeks before:confused1:
  3. Good deal.
  4. You just click on "sale" at the menu bar across the top. The sale prices are probably the same, but I just learned of the 10% code.
  5. yeah, I did that. The prices are the same. The codes been out for a while. J Crew REALLY needs to start deep discounting their stuff:cursing:
  6. There are items on sale but they are not 70% off the retail price
  7. I bought a $225 dress for about $34 with shipping and this code! YAAAY