J Choo at Foot Candy Shoes

  1. Ooooh. I was in Sonoma this weekend to visit friends with our car club. There was a blues festival we all went to. Well, right across the street what did I see? A new Foot Candy Store has opened there. I grabbed a couple of the girls and we flew over there. This store, for those who don't know sells Choo, MJ, Gustto, Kate Spade among other great designers. I saw the Slick Red Riki, tan biker Ring(yummy) burgundy and black Ramonas and lots of shoes. Unfortunately, even tho they do sell on line at Footcandyshoes.com, they only sell the J Choo in store.
    Kind of interesting as a former member said she bought a Marcia on line from Foot Candy.
    Anyway, I was good and did not buy anything. DH was there...would have been kinda hard to explain a new Choo bag when I was carrying my burgundy Radiant for the first time and he had commented on never seeing it before.:shrugs:
  2. Sounds like a fun trip. I love Sonoma (and Napa)! I will be there in a few weeks. Would love to see the tan Ring. Any clutches?

    I did see on footcandy.com that you can't order Jimmy Choo online, but don't they take phone orders?
  3. Yes they do. (i think) I have order from them (not JC bags) but I have noticed that example some shoes one day will say click to order then the next will say call the number for reference... I dunno !!!
  4. Not according to the SA I spoke with, but this is a new store and she may have not known. The web site says in store only on the J Choo bags and shoes...
  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Isn't that the truth:shame: I tend to buy things and stick them in the closet for a later date and then end up buying something else for that time/event and before you know it, there are quite a few items DH realizes he has not seen before:push:

    Hope you had a great time:party:

    Samantha I hope you have a Wonderful time when you go. I agree, it is such a fun and relaxing place to go. Haven't been since I was 7 months pregnant w/DD ( who will be 15 in a little over a month) :sad:
  6. Hi Samantha,
    I didn't see any clutches, but the store in St Helena is supposed to be bigger. This one is quite small. They had a fantastic Gustto Baca on sale, but I didn't ask for the price. If it is 50% off it should be around $325. or so. They had a couple of pairs of Choo shoes on sale, but none in my size. None of the Choo bags were on sale.
    This store is right in the middle of old town Sonoma across from the old Court House(?) It is not directly facing the street. Have fun and let us know if you get something...it is so much more fun to see the bags in person...
  7. My poor DH has just flat out given up! If he hears "Seriously....Tom....I showed you this bag, boots, shoes, weeks ago....you complained about it back then, we've moved on", one more time, the poor guy is going to think he's gone insane! Now he'll look at a new bag (blue wet look Riki in particular) and almost start to say something, and then he just gives up. :push:

    I gotta tell ya, the movie "Gaslight"....the BEST movie I ever watched! :graucho:
  8. I gotta tell ya, the movie "Gaslight"....the BEST movie I ever watched! :graucho:[/QUOTE]

    Your killing me!:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. Tee Hee... mine is afraid to ask for fear of what it cost. As long as I can pay he just rolls his eyes as I remind him of how much he spends on his car! I could get several bags for what he just paid for new tires!!!
  10. I just recenlty purchased from Foot Candy. You can order anything they have on their Website or store via phone. It was very fast and hassle free....
  11. They have lots of JC on their website. And yes, they do take phone orders. I purchased my white mahala from them (50% off)....it was on the website, but underneath instructed people to call the store...and thats what I did.
  12. Hello,
    I've bought both shoes and handbags from them before. They do a fabulous job. They have a great selection of Jimmy Choo handbags and you can call them directly to order. The St. Helena store is larger than Sonoma, however, the store in Walnut Creek has the biggest selection. If you have any questions, their number is 925.937.3668. I've worked with the SA Brianna several times and she's always quite informative and sweet.
  13. Thanks Robyn. We are looking forward to it. Sounds like you are overdue a trip back:yes:
  14. :roflmfao: Wow! Blast from the past. I had not thought about that movie for ages. I mentioned it just now to my DH and he has never seen it:nuts: . Classic! I will be renting it in the near future. Too funny Stinkerbelle.
  15. Great store. Great customer service. No tax for states other than CA.