J.C. Madison? What do you know about them?

  1. Hi, anyone dealt with JC Madison? They're having an 80% off sale on lots of things now. Any codes for discounts or free shipping? Good customer service? Please tell all. Thanks!:smile:
  2. I've never purchased from JC Madison, but I see stuff all the time that I've purchased elsewhere for cheaper. Like, just last weekend I got the same Kooba Natasha in ink for $238 from Saks, it's on sale at JC for $500:confused1:
  3. I purchased a small Botkier Bianca satchel in pearlized cognac from them in April or May and am in complete love with the bag (gorgeeeeoussss leather) and was pleased with their service; I didn't have any real problems so I can't say I had too much interaction with their CS department. They processed the order pretty quickly and it came nicely packaged. And the bag is divine.

    Code TOUTIE will get you 20% off, but I don't know if it works on sale items...but it wouldn't hurt to try and see if you can catch a glitch in their system!
  4. Wow, a Natasha for $238?? that's an awesome deal :tup:!!

    I purchased from JC Madison once. I got a Bulga bag and it was during their rare times when they provided a code for sales items. Shipping isn't free but it's only $5. Item arrived in a timely manner, no complaints. BUT I do remember seeing the same bag elsewhere for a bit cheaper, so I do agree w/ DC-Cutie that their prices are higher than others.
  5. They do have codes from Toutie and Reeseycakes, but they will not allow you to use them on sale items. :yes:
  6. I've only made one purchase from them and it went smoothly - fast ship....was at my doorstep in a couple of days. Nicely wrapped/packaged. Tried to use a discount code on sale item, didn't work. Shipping was free due to the item amount (don't remember, sorry). I think they have a return policy on all items except for Final Sale. Check around other websites for pricing....they are not the least expensive at first glance......
    Have fun:yes:
  7. I ordered from them without incident.
  8. I ordered a Kooba Meredith from them, but decided to get the Charlie instead from ELuxury. I returned the meredith and am still waiting for them to credit my cc.
  9. I bought a Gustto Setela from them. I did pay for 2 day shipping but Fed Ex did not deliver it within two days. I wrote them over the weekend saying that the bag did not get delivered - it was supposed to be delivered on a Friday. They replied to my email on Saturday night and within 2 -3 days had credited me for the shipping charges. Then when I finally got the bag, I did not care for the size and I ended up returning it. They were very nice and helpful. I would buy from them again. HTH!! :smile:
  10. I ordered from them & had no complaints. Item came quickly and well packaged.
  11. I've ordered from there, and their customer service is really good. They will price match if the handbag is less at another online store (if it's available and in the same color)