J Brand?

  1. Does anyone have or tried on J Brand jeans ? How do they fit and whats the difference between the 10" and the 12"? Thanks.
  2. I've got the grey 14". They fit like my other skinnies but I hear the other washes run different. 10" has a 10" leg opening and 12" has a 12" one. Both are pretty much ankle stranglers lol.
  3. Hey, I just got a pair of the 10" ones in black. I'm 5'3" and they fit perfectly. I usually wear a 24/00 in clothes, but decided to size up because *after all* they are "skinny jeans." So I bought a 25, but now it's pretty much falling off me. They don't stretch out as much as Sevens do, but if you're going to get them, don't buy the pair that fits *perfectly* on the first try. Get the next size down and wear them once you get home...do some housework in them and stretch them out perfectly.

    Also, the ankle "stranglers" stop strangling after about 10 minutes, but that's for me. I have a small frame and most clothes do that to me.

    I do LOVE J Brands though! They make your legs look a lot slimmer :smile:
  4. Is there a bid difference between the 10" and 12" because I found them online the ink color I like but they only have them in a 12" I am 5'1 and a small frame.
  5. The 10" has a smaller leg opening, making them "super skinny," while the 12" has a 12"-leg opening. On me the 12" were way too big and almost looked bootcut. Go with the 10".... remember they stretch out anyways :smile:
  6. for everyday do you wear them with heels, flats, or flipflops?
  7. I wear mine with wedges if I'm going out, but normally I just wear flip flops. I'm 19 and have little ocassion to dress up anyway...
  8. I don't know where to get them from I need a 24 or 23?I usually wear a 24 but people told me they stretch out a lot. So should I get the 23?
  9. Does Revolveclothing have 23? I *think* they do... I bought mine in 25 and that was a huge mistake. I'm getting them altered to a 23....
  10. You guys are teeny. People tell me I am small and I am a 26.