J Brand vs Vicky's Secret skinny cargos

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  1. I've read so many great reviews of the insanely expensive J Brand Houlihan cargos that I decided to finally order a pair to see if they're worth all the hype (ordered them today @ 30% off from Tobi.com). Today I was thumbing through a VS catalogue and noticed their version of the skinny cargo and they at least look equally as cute (but at a fraction of the cost-$59.50) I'm thinking of ordering a pair of these too just to compare.


    Has anyone tried the VS cargos? For those familar with the J Brand cargos.....are they really worth the hefty price tag?

  2. Have you tried VS london jeans before? I've never tried the cargos but their jeans are usually cut bigger than I expect.
  3. I've never ordered any denim/pants from VS, only sweaters.