J Brand vs. Paige

  1. I've bought most of my skinnies from True Religion and Habitual, but I keep hearing such good things about J Brand and Paige denim! There are a few threads that talked about how J Brands stretch out a full size after wear, but what about Paige denim? Do those stretch out as much too?
  2. A pair of J Brand skinny jeans are a MUST. They fit like a glove.
  3. i have a pair of paige blue heights and they fit great. they stretch a little, but when you wash them, they spring right back.
  4. I have a pair of J brands and I can't say that they stretch that much. I would go the next size down, I did that bec it was recommended on NAP - and I love j brands - i got the 14" and they are just perfect
  5. I Love my J-Brands!!! I have two pairs, and wear them all the time!!! But definately get a size down, my first pair, i got my normal size, and they are pretty big!!!! But still wearable, and they are sooo comfortable, and look amazing!!