J Brand Skinny Jeans!

  1. Anyone have them too? I got mine (the 910, super skinnies with 10" leg openings) today and they are amazing!!

    If you want the skinny jean look and slim your thighs at the same time, J Brand is definitely the one for you. It's super plain, with no patterns on the back pocket, so it will last season after season :smile: I think they run a little big...I bought a 25 thinking that skinny jeans would be smaller (I usually wear a 24) and now they feel big, but nothing a washer and dryer can't fix!

    Get yours! Or at least try them on :smile:
  2. I never actually considered buying skinny jeans because I am very curvy and I just think they would look funny on me! But I do love the look on everyone else! I'm glad you like yours! Congrats on getting the pair you love!
  3. I got a pair. LOVE them.
    I got the same problem though. When I tried them on they fit nicely, not too snug, but I erred on the side of caution.
    Now after about 5 minutes they loosed up a little to much.
    No amount of dryings or repeated hot water washings have made a difference.
    However they still look good on, or at least they feel good on, and that's most important.
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