J Brand jeans

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  1. What is your favorite pair??? and pics if you've got them!
  2. I love J Brand, they're one of my favorites. I own:
    "10" in skinny- I own all 6 washes
    Pencil leg zip- black, and indigo
    Lovestory- 2 washes
    High rise skinny- 2 washes, black, and indigo
    Boot cut- ink
  3. i just bought a really dark pencil leg pair today. they are FANTASTIC
  4. Love Story - Lapis, Jett, & Dark Vintage
    Low-Rise Cigarette - Black
    Bea Trouser - Indigo
  5. Bootleg - Ink, Super Dark (?)
    Lovestory - Ink, Dark Vintage

    I am going to try the skinnies soon.
  6. i love the 14" cigarette - have them in jett, ink, super dark, lapis
    i also have love story in ink and the shorts in ink
  7. Love story in three washes. I can't wait to wear them again, it's been way too hot here.
  8. I have 2 pairs of 14" cigarettes in ink - love the wash!
  9. i love the 14" cigarettes in ink and lapis!
  10. How do these jeans run? I want a pair of the 10" because they are unlike anything else I own!
  11. 10" Skinny! I have 3 or 4 pair and I love them!
  12. I want to get a pair of 16" straight leg, and lovestory. I've never worn J Brand, though, so I'm nervous about sizing!
  13. I was almost the new owner of a pair of J Brand Doll in Ink this afternoon. It was, unfortunately, one size too small. It was only $47.40 at the Barney's warehouse sale. Boo. :crybaby:
  14. Bootleg in Ink. Love the fit. I found these to be true to size, although they did stretch a tad after wearing them for awhile. The sizing does depend on the wash though; some run smaller and some larger.
  15. I have the Lovestory in Charcoal and the 12" Pencil in Platinum. Love them both. I want my next pair to be the Cigarette in Ink.

    I have a question for those of you (it seems like there are a lot!) with the cigarettes in ink. I've heard that this wash stretches, but how much does the waistband in particular stretch? I usually wear a 26 or 27. I tried these in a 25 and loved the fit through the leg and butt, but got a bit of the dreaded muffin top. Do you think the waist will give a little and reduce this or should I size up? Any input would be appreciated.