J Brand Jeans

  1. Today I tried on the J Brand cigarette jeans (14-inch bottom) in Jett. I loved the way they fit, but there was a tiny bit of space in the waist. I had on a 27, which is what I always wear in my Seven jeans. I can't even IMAGINE squeezing myself into a 26, but from what you ladies have said, you have to go a size down.

    Am I going to have droopy, diaper bum after wearing these jeans for a few hours, because that would be a big waste of money!

    THANK YOU!!!
  2. I have about 4-5 J brand. Some of then run tts and some run big.
    14" def. runs big on me. I usually wear 24 and 14" is loose, but 10" fits just fine, but after a while the butt is gtting loose abit, and there's no way for me to size down)

    I tjink you should take 26, they will stretch as far as my knowledge.

    - P
  3. ^^^ Thank you!