J Brand Jeans - Shrink??

  1. Okay, I am wanting to buy a pair of the J Brand Skinnys to wear with knee high boots. I have read on here that they stretch out a lot. My question is, the first time you wash and dry them, do they shrink alot? Do they shrink back up after being stretched out from wear if you wash and dry them? Thanks!
  2. I don't put mine in the dryer ever. Since they do have stretch, they do bag out out from wear, but after just washing, they go back to the original shape and size. I love mine!
  3. Is it bad to dry your jeans in the dryer? I've always just kind of worn cheap jeans...so this is sort of new to me! Don't they feel sorta stiff if you don't dry them?
  4. I like mine to look the color (in my case, dark) they are when I bought them. Since they have lycra in them, they don't get really stiff (at least to me). I think they look newer for longer. I also wash them inside out. I have friends that get theirs dry cleaned!
  5. In my experience it's more like... they stretch out when you wear them... molding to your figure rather than the dryer.

    It's no harm throwing your jeans in the dryer. They stretch out to normal size after like 1 minute. Jeans are supposed to be sturdy anyway... I mean, Diesel destroys their jeans and sell for hundreds more!
  6. when you wash them they shrink back.
  7. Most of my J Brands are made out of 2% spandex. They are hard to get into at first but as you wear them they stretch out according to you and your body, I love it! It doesn't stretch out to be baggy or anything. After you wash them they will shrink back to the way when you first bought them.

    I don't liek to pout my dark colored jeans in the dryer bc the color starts to fade.
  8. :yes: I just wash them inside out (unless I've spilled something on them) and let them air dry.
  9. Thanks for all of your input!:idea:
  10. I dry clean mine so they do not fade.
  11. I wash all my designer jeans by themself (meaning only 1 pair of jeans in the washer and nothing else). I wash them on delicate cycle w/ cold water only. I wash them inside out, hang dry and iron them on medium if they are wrinkled. Once I started doing this, I noticed they look brand new every time. It took 2 pairs of sevens to figure out this routine. I don't have J brand but I have 4 pairs of sevens, 1 pair of Taverniti (I dry clean those) and 1 pair of Citizens for Humanity and ever pair I wash & dry shrink to the point where I can only wear flats with them, no heels b/c they are too short.
  12. they stretch so so much! they get a little better after each wash and you can prob wear them two times before having to wash again for shape.
  13. Good info. I've noticed that amount my jeans too...that they shrink in length!
  14. this thread really helps! i just purchased a pair of 14" in Ink and was worried I got a big size since I heard they stretched. As long as they don't stretched to baggy then it's all good. I guess I should dry in once in the dryer to see how it turns out.
  15. I have no J Brand jeans but have lots of other designer jeans - 7FAM, TR, COH, Earl Jeans, etc. and I always wash them in normal cycle and put them in the dryer. I had one TR shrink in length and that's it. Nothing else happened to any of my other jeans.