J Brand Jeans help!

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  1. so i just tried on jbrand jeans for the very first time yesterday, and i loved them!! ive been looking for the perfect pair of skinny jeans for the longest time.. i tried the j brand 912 skinny jeans in a size 25 and it was a littleee bit loose around the waist, and the store didnt have it in a size 24 to try on. i went to jbrands site and i like the 910 super skinny jeans a lot more! (i am 5'2, 103 lbs.. very petite) but i was just wondering if i order them online.. what size should i go for? and are the sizings exactly the same for the 912 and 910 jeans?? thanks a lot! :shame:
  2. and has anyone tried on skinny jeans by cheap monday???
  3. I have a pair of JB 12" skinnies, and my advice is to go down at least one size. Go as tight as you can go and still be able to button them. That should be about right, because in one hour they will fit like a dream.
  4. oh, ok thanks :smile:
  5. I have two pairs of JB in 10" and I would recommend going down a size. My first ones I got in 24 and my second ones I got in 23 and I prefer the 23!! I love them they are my favorite jeans! Great stitching, great lines ,good luck on your purchase!
  6. Yeh, my first pair, i got the normal size, and they are way too big, i wil be going down a couple of sizes for my next!!
  7. I have the 10" inch in ink and you should definitely size down in those, the black run a bit more true to size from my experience.

    Oh, and I've tried the Cheap Monday ones and they are VERY high waisted!

  8. yes, I tried them on at Barney's Co-op. they were awful! they were super super skinny and fitted. They also ran quite small.
  9. having tried the 25 on, and having the same problem as you with the waist being a little bit big, i'd suggest the 24. the 24 will fit you better.
  10. thanks everyone! i think i'll order them in 24 :yes:.. i cant find them in stores anywhere :crybaby:
  11. I have seen them in Intermix, there are a couple of stores in the city. If you really want to try them on, call the different stores and see which ones have the 24 and go try it on!!