J Brand jeans......for curvier types?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm not sure if anyone is familiar w/ J Brand jeans. I like some of their styles, but have only seen them online. I'm a curvier girl (but, thighs), and cannot wear some of the other popular brands. Anyone know about J Brand jeans? How do they fit and how do you like them? THANKS!!

  2. I've found that their skinny jeans don't look very good on me, since I'm a bit curvier (with short legs nonetheless), but I've been eyeing their 'Lovestory' style, which is wideleg. I think these would be much more flattering on curvier girls! I love that they are not ornate, and can be worn with anything, and their denim is very soft...I just wish skinnies looked good on me!
    Hope this helps!
  3. I actually recently debated, purchased, and returned a pair of lovestories. I'm a pretty curvy girl for my frame. I thought that they looked good on me, but I didn't feel that the wide leg was versatile enough for me. I was also really concerned about how they would look hemmed, because even with 3.5 inch heels on, at least 2 inches would have to come off of them. I love the fact that the jeans have no gaudy detailing or really an distinguishable brand label. However, if you are still curious, I would give Cusp (Neiman Marcus's Boutique) a call. Last time I was there they had at least two pairs and they were $60!
  4. I love J brand, I'm a lot eh curvier since I had my son, but I really love J brand, not the skinny skinny ones but the straight leg and boot cut and the "Dollhouse" style are fantastic, they fit a bit large though IMO, I love the weight and stretch of the denm though. I much prefer these to Ctizens and Paige
  5. Was it the one in L.A.?:graucho:
  6. Thanks ladies...I think I will make a trip over to Neiman;s this week and try on a pair. I knew my tPF buddies would know!!!!! :heart::heart::heart:

  7. Unfortunately, it was georgetown, but I'm pretty sure the sale is at all three of the Cusp locations. They're also super nice there, so they might be able to send the jeans to your store.
  8. I think J brand Malik will fit better on curvier women than lovestory or doll since it's wide leg from below the butt (not tight until the knee then flaring from knee down like lovestory)
  9. I love J Brands. The pocket placement is so flattering on the back.
  10. I love jbrand denim. I've been wearing them for over two years now- but some styles are very narrow in the thigh and too big in the waist. so it really helps to just try on a bunch of different styles. good luck!