J Brand...how do they fit????

  1. I am really into the straight leg denim but I have a really big butt and wide hips with really skinny legs :Push: before I purchased I pair I wanted to know if any of you ladies wear this brand and if so how do they run/fit?
  2. No one wears J brand?
  3. I also have hips and thighs and I could not fit into my regular size when I tried them on at Nordstrom's. When I went a size up, then the back was too baggy. J Brand are extreme skinny leg jeans. They're like denim leggings. One skinny leg jean that I love is the Seven For All Mankind Roxy jeans. Check it out.
  4. Really, I didn't know that this particular boutique carried them that I always go to, so I got to tried them on, I was very surprised, they fit me really GREAT, they cuffed under my butt and they also slimmed out my thighs a little, I love them! P.S. they are very stretchy TOO!
  5. I recently bought a pair of Stitch straight legged jeans ...sorry I forgot the name of them. They fit well for my body type wide hips and big arse.:P
  6. I have small hips but a thick waist- I don't like the way it fits in the crotch area. I love my Seven skinny jeans and Habitual as well.
  7. I like j brand, 7FAM, COH, Stitches jeans tend to smash my ass, TR run to small for my taste,RR something is wrong with the crotch area.
  8. I've never tried them, but there are always TONS of J Brand at my local Loehmann's for dirt cheap.
  9. I never heard of loehmans, r u from the states, and what's dirt cheap? Share, don't be stingy!:yes:
  10. J Brands stretch out SO MUCH...I have the 10" ankle jeans (that work fine as regular skinny jeans on my 5'3" frame) and they have stretched out so much...
  11. I have them too and I really like them but I wish they were skinnier because now that I hemmed them I find the ankle isn't as skinny (they are the 12" ones), and they have stretched out in the waist a bit too much, but the style is really flattering overall.
  12. Yes, I'm in the United States. The J Brand jeans sell for $29.00!
  13. Girl, what 29.00, give me the name and number of these place if you don't mind? I am so in love with how stretchy these jeans are!
  14. yes but how do they fit? i am size 27 in most designer jeans what size should i wear in j brand? i wear size 27 in true religion and siwy. hey you should buy some at loehmans and sell them on ebay.com
  15. i think they fit about the same. i'm the same size in JBrand as I am in Sevens and in Citizens of Humanity.

    the only thing is, I've never bought a pair of JBrand despite trying them on many times is because I find they make my butt look really flat! And the lower rise ones tend to fall down when I do the "sitting" test (know what I mean?)