J Brand Corduroy's Fit

  1. Does anyone else own J Brand cords? I just purchased a pair and they are so much smaller than the jeans style! I would need to go up at least 2 sizes...just wondering if anyone else has had the same results.

    I know cords stretch, but they're just scary looking right now on me. bumps and bulges in all the wrong places, know what I mean? :shrugs:
  2. I was wondering the same thing. I was planning on buying them online, so I can't try them on instore. Are they not true to size? Should I buy up or down?
  3. I tried a pair on in my normal size and they were tiny! They were the navyish color and I had been eyeing them online but after trying them on I decided against them. For me they were causing a lot of creases in the crotch area and they were way too tight on my thighs.

    I recommend Citizens of Humanity cords of Seven for all Mankind. I have had good experiences with those, but really really love my Citizens cords.
  4. are they the stretch cord or the rigid cord?
    I tried on the rigid cord and it fit on my normal J Brand size.

    I love AG cords and get them in my AG denim size/ one size up from my J Brand size
  5. Mine (I think they are stretch) are definitely smaller than my jeans in the thigh area. Unfortunately, they were final sale. I still wear them since they are surprisingly comfortable, although there are some wrinkles across the thighs (hoping they don't look too tacky!).