J Brand Cleavage Jeans!!

  1. OMG! How rockin' are these jeans??!! I've gotta get these

  2. Those are so hot!!!
  3. oh my gosh, i LOVE the hem. SO PERFECT FOR LOUBOUTINS!!! ;D
  4. ahhh those are adorable!!
  5. Love the bottom but the jean looks like it's cut too narrow for my hips :push:
  6. OMG I love those!! Now, if only I could lose the 10 lbs that I've gained this past year...
  7. I must be getting old...I thought this thread was a joke! Those are waaay too low for me!
  8. ^ LOL I agree :p

    They're really cute, but they're waaaay too low. They look great on the model, but I know they'd look super skanky on me :push:
  9. ^^ Why do you think they're called "cleavage" jeans! :groucho:
  10. i think because of the way they are around the ankles:shrugs:
  11. that's exactly what I thought when I saw these jeans!:smile:
  12. errrrm...Eric Glennie, anyone?
  13. Nah, they're about allllllll the cleavage you can get out of jeans. :p

    I'm not feeling the hemline. I wear bizarre socks, and I accidentally flash them enough, as it is.
  14. wow these jeans are hot!!! love em!!
  15. Eric Glennie is going to be so p!ssed!