j brand cigarette jeans

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  1. Hi. I just bought a pair of the 14 inch J Brand cigarette jeans. I bought the size I normally wear and they look great. The waist seems like it might stretch out a bit after a couple wearings, but I hope not.
    The SA did not think I could go down a size, but I was wondering if any of you who have these jeans thought that after a few wearings that they were too big? I noticed on the NM website, it says to size down when ordering. What do you all think? Thanks!
  2. My friend who recommend J brand told me to size down as well. But if they look great, than maybe you shouldn't?? haha sorry- I'm not that much of help when it comes to jeans. I'm so confused with sizing as it is!
  3. I'm not sure why the J Brand jeans seem so stretchy, because the material is 98 percent cotton and 2 percent lycra, which is not any different from most jeans. These jeans, however, seem like they are stretchy enough to do yoga in. They fit similarly to the Paige, so I'm confused about the sizing down issue. I am wondering if it is because the stretching out to come LATER.
  4. would anyone know if they'd be much difference between the mid rise and non mid rise??
  5. J brand jeans are very stretchy, and they do stretch out about a size if you wear it very often. To prevent this from happening, you have to keep washing it, after each time you wear it. However it also depends on the colour that you have bought. The lighter colours, white and grey etc, tend to be cut a little bit bigger and are naturally stretchier. The darker colours like ink and black, are more stiff and rigid and cut a little smaller. These won't stretch out as much as the lighter colours.

    The ink colour is the best colour out of the whole lot. It is tghe most flattering, the sizing is more consistant and the stretch is just nice.

    J Brand's sizing is similar to Blue Cult, which also tends to stretch out a lot. This means that you should take one size smaller than your Levi size.

    Mid rise means that the rise is about 9 inches. The non- mid rise are alot lower approx 7" or so. Hope this helps!
  6. i agree with u
    i bought ink and even though i prefer a denim colour this one did slim my sides down. i have big hips but i'm not big at the top.
    all my friends loved the ink on me which made me like it too hahah

    i was juts more curious as to when u wear the mid rise and non mid rise is there much of a difference in terms of looks? like would the mid rise make u look slimmer etc?

  7. I dont think that the look will be different per se. The "leg" part will probably look the same. It's just that the jeans wouldnt be as low and revealing. I think the mid rise is for ladies who dislike the whole low rise jeans thing and want something more conservative.
  8. ah then i think i will give the low rise ago
    i've always liked the low rise but though it'd give mid rise a go this time
    so far so good except uhmm...i dunno... i pull them up. they falldown a little so then it rubs against my thighs.
  9. HELP! i just bought a pair of J Brand Mid Rise Cigarrette Leg in ink (14inch) in a size 28 - after being recommended to go down a size on Ron Herman site??. but alas, they are too small. I need a size 29, but revolve (where i bought them from) have SOLD OUT!

    I can only seem to find the 12 inch with the mid-rise in ink, or the 14 inch with the low rise in ink. BUT i really want the mid-rise in the 14 inch... does anybody know where i can get this style online?

    Thanks so much, :O)
  10. i think theres alot of inconsistency with this brand. i've tried on two 14" cigarette jeans in INK and one was HUGE on me while another was snug...
  11. I tried on the J brand 10 inch super skinny in black in size 24 today. I think it is the smallest size, isn't it? It is just snugging on my hip and thigh. I heard of how stretchy it is so I expected it to be very small. I am disappointed and I am still in search for a good black skinny.
  12. were they indentical or were they ink but in midrise and nonmidrise?
  13. I'm wearing J Brand crops as we speak. I like J Brand because of the cute embroidered pockets, but.....they stretch out like nothing else. They bag and sag.

    I really wish I purchased the next size down, even if it meant having to exhale until I am blue in the face just to get them on.
  14. ^^J Brand actually has clean finishes, no embroidery. Are you thinking of J & Company?

    Pinkpirate, you're right, the pieces are rather inconsistent. I'm hoping it's because they are a new company and are still perfecting their production.:sad:

    24 is not the smallest, they produce size 23 jeans as well!