J Brand 27 --- ?

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  1. Quick question - what is a 27 in J brand equivilant to in other brands?
  2. About a true size 4. TRY them on, tho! :idea: I bought a pair thinking my BF would love them and he did NOT. He said they did not flatter my posterior... so I gave them to a buddy and she didn't like them (same reason) either so I eBayed them straightaway (since I'd already pulled the tags) and took a big loss!

    I think you can find them at Macy's, or order them online but make sure not to pull the tags, and confirm a good return policy! Good luck!
  3. thank you very much :smile:
  4. revolveclothing.com gives free shipping both coming and going, so you could buy a bunch, try them on at home, and return the rest free.

    I found my size 28 on point.
  5. You need to size one size down. So if you're usually a size 28 in American sizing this is the size you would go with.
  6. I agree! J Brand is sized a bit big. I usually wear a size six in $$$ jeans but my six 6 J Brands keep sliding off me