j brand 14 versus 12 inch jeans

  1. Hello:

    I got a pair of 14 inch Ink jeans from Nordstroms last week. This week, I ordered a pair of the 12 inch skinny jeans from RevolveClothing to see the difference. They both fit fine. One of the SA's told me that since the look is "skinny" this year, that they started making the 12 and 10 inch skinny jeans because there wasn't much of a noticeable difference with the 14 inch jeans. What do you think? Is the 12 inch too "trendy" looking? I am assuming that there will be some stretch so that after a while, the 14 inch jeans may look like "bootcuts"?
    My other question is regarding the length of the (12 inch) skinny jeans. Are you hemming them to the perfect length or are you merely scrunching them at the ankle for flats and pulling them straignt over pumps? One of my attractions to the 12 inch vs the 14 inch is that the 14 inch I would definitely have to hem. Thanks for the input.
  2. I have the J brand 10 inch and I just let it scrunch on my lower leg. I don't have jbrand 14" but with my true religion johnny which is 14", I need it hem it or I will be cleaning the floor...:crybaby:
  3. My thoughts:

    I love the look of my Joe's Jeans Chelsea 12" skinnies scrunched around my ankles a bit wheen I wear them with ballet flats or pumps. I thought I would be able to wear these with ankle boots, but I don't like how much fabric I have to tuck into the boots. So I am ordering another pair of 12" skinnies to have hemmed ankle length to wear with boots. I'm thinking about J Brand, but I have read that they stretch out easily.

    I also have 14" True Religion Johnny's that I had hemmed to just above the ground. Again, they are perfect with flats.

    I am not a fan of 10' Skinnies...only because they look too much like denim leggings.
  4. ^^^
    shoeangel, when I am tugging my skinny jeans into boots, I fold the jeans up. by the way, I live in seattle too.