J Brand 12" Crops in Ink! Some help from J Brand fans please!


Dec 2, 2006
I know there are LOTS of threads on how different brands fit, but I didn't find any info that helped me too much. I want to buy J Brand jeans in Ink (12" crop pants, they have a 27" inseam) and I have never tried on this brand before.

I usually wear a 28 in Hudson's, but in my opinion Hudson's fit big. I'm 5'5" and usually weigh 135 - 140 lbs, and my proportions are fairly average. Anyone of around the same size as me want to let me know what size they wear? I didn't know if I should go with 28, 29 or maybe even bigger if they're a small fit. Does the ink colour tend to stretch out a lot? I like my pants nice and fitted, but I like to be able to breathe too, lol. No muffin top for me! THANKS EVERYONE!


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haha no.
Aug 2, 2007
I'm the same height and weight as you, and also wear a 28 in hudsons!

I purchased a pair of J Brand's (9610 the deal skinny leg jean in ink) and they are size 30. They are a bit tighter than the Hudsons, but they stretch a lot and are still very comfortable.
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