J Brand 10" on tall gals?

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  1. I've been looking at the J Brand 10" skinnies, because I wasn't happy with the fit of the 12" (a bit too loose at the ankle). However, I'm 5ft10, and I'm worried the 29" inseam is just going to look ridiculous on me (I would like my ankles covered).

    Are there any tall girls out there with these jeans? How do you find the length? Photos would be GREAT!
  2. The J Brands I just ordered have a 29 inch inseam. I should receive them sometime mid-week from NM..I'm 5'6 so I'll let you know how they are on me once I try them...it's not the same thing, but if they fit me perfectly then they would probably be too short for you
    HTH :smile:
  3. Thanks PrincessCayenne! Glad to get help from a fellow Vancouverite :P

    Where did you order them from?
  4. I ordered them from Neimans - they came to about $237USD (including Duty and free shipping) - the exchange is disgusting right now but I really needed them :smile:
  5. ive tried on the 10s and they are really short. unless you have really short legs they will look like capri's on you. i'm only 5'4 and they were too short for me, barely covered my ankle.
  6. *gasps* The exchange rate IS terrible! I actually just got a FREE pair of JBrands (from a swag bag at a shopping event in Yaletown) but they aren't my size, so I'm planning on selling them to a friend and buying a new pair.

    Ah good to know-thanks!
  7. I am 5'8" and I can't wear those. They are WAY too short.
  10. Have you tried any of the Rock and Republic skinnies? They have a fairly long inseam and I remember seeing a skinny style that had plainer pockets on the neiman's website
  11. Yup. I'm 5'6" with proportionate legs and they just hit my foot.
  12. I'm 5'6", I love my 10" but they are more of an ankle length jean, I wear 25 and 26 in J brand depending on style and look I want. If you look on revolve.com or tobi.com you can see what they look like on their models which are closer to your height. I suppose it also depends on how long your legs are and what size you are, I find that the length increases with size but if you're a 25 that's not going to help you.....
  13. I'm 5"2 and haven't hemmed my 10". They are the perfect length for me...and they scrunch up a bit. Inseams vary despite height (for example, I have a friend the same height and she has a 1" longer inseam than I do). That being said, at 5"10, I highly doubt your ankles will be covered with a 29" inseam. If you want to see how 29" will look on you, measure the inseam of a pair of jeans you already have, fold those jeans to 29" and put them on! Hth. :smile: