J A C K P O T !!! Look what came Today!

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  1. I am normally one who buys full retail and ends up selling what I no longer want or use on eBay, this time I played the other end and found a treasure on eBay!! I was initally going to buy this when it first came out and for some reason decided against it, something else must have caught my eye back then. So glad I had the opportunity for a second chance!! It is beautiful. Take a guess? Hint: its approx 2 years old.

  2. lol I have no idea but im curious!!!
  3. Oh dont tease us :nuts: Show it!!!
  4. Don't keep us in suspence.......WHAT IS IT???????
  5. hmmmm. I have no idea either! i wasnt into LV back then :confused1:
  6. wonderful box congrat's :smile:

    I use my from my reade for storage, it keeps my desk clean :biggrin:
  7. Come on show us!!!!!
  8. Show us, show us!!!!
  9. Looooooooool!!! What Is It?!!
  10. yes?..... do you need help opening the box? lol
  11. Takashi Murakami Cherry print mongram bag???
  12. Cerises something
  13. OK, here is another hint :smile: a BIG hint, in fact it will probably give it away! But the photo of the beauty will follow shortly! I am so glad I have TPF to share my treasure with!
  14. Please don't make us guess :confused1:
  15. HEEHEE I guesed right LOL
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