J 12: where to buy???

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  1. I went to BG and Saks in NYC today to look at J12.
    I want a white smaller size with diamond on numbers. It was apprx. 5300.
    Anyway BG offers 5% off, but no EGC.
    Saks on 5th ave said that they don't offer any discount.
    Then i told them abot BG. They said they could do 5 % off, but it can't be combined with EGC event next week.
    Is there any nice SA who can offer more discount or can combine both discount and EGC?

    And other watch shops on street do not carry Chanel, right?
  2. I'd suggest that u purchase it from authorized watch store... they offer much higher discount...
  3. ghostdreamer: do you know watch store which carrys Chanel?
    I haven' found one yet.
  4. Call Damian Oto at Saks Bala Cynwyd 610-667-1550 (tell him Monica sent you)

    You can earn $1,000 gift card if you buy it during EGC - OR he will give you 10% off the purchase, but he can't do both. Obviously the $1,000 is more attractive if you can use the gift card, it's like 20% off.
  5. I just got mine thru Saks as well..I use CARM at BALA Cywyd,PA SAKS.....she gave me the 10% off!
  6. Hi, Jill
    Did you just get the discount or also egc?
    I guess the SAs in NYC are not that desperate to sell more.
  7. Agreed i went to NYC saks and the lady would not give me discount.... i'm wondering can i still use my MPA with 10%? seriously consider purchasing if i can use my Major Purchase Account. 6 month interest free..
  8. I would wait till next EGC at Saks or Neimans. I bought mine last month from Neimans during the EGC event. The SA agreed to give me 10% off and $1000 EGC.
    By the way, I love love love my watch. I got the black one with diamond markers.
  9. Interesting that sounds great, exactly what i'm going for.. I'll look out for NM then.. if only there is a saks SA that would do the same for me :smile: i'm more familiar with saks and plus there is no NM in the city..... sigh
  10. Try emailing Nancy at Saks Chevy Chase, MD

    She is super accomodating and has helped me and my friends with all our watch purchases.

    She will def do the discount AND the EGC for you, just let her know Cory sent you.

    You can reach her best via email nahlagawad@hotmail.com or on her cell at
    301-213-3017 :smile: