IYO, does the Looping MM bag look dated? (Too 90's-ish?)

  1. I just love the shape and the fact that it doesn't have the vachetta bottom.

    Those who have it, can you fit a lot into it?

  2. I like it. I dont think it looks outdated at all. I say it you love it, regaurdless of any others opinions you should go for it!
  3. I can't think of any mono line look 'outdated'.
    It's cute bag [​IMG]
  4. i dont think its outdated at all!
  5. it's very simple and sleek, something you won't ever get sick of. i esp. love the mini looping bag.
  6. This bag looks really nice on, wow!!
  7. Yeah. I've never heard of a bag, especially an LV being outdated. It's not like it's super trendy and covered in glitter or rhinestones or anything representing a fad.
    I like it..and if you like the style, go for it.
  8. I absolutely adore the shape and how very functional the inside is. I had one and sold it b/c I did not like the strap on my shoulder. If only LV made it with a flat leather strap...
  9. I don't think it's outdated at all. It's really cute!
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