Ivy Bayswater - has it arrived???

  1. So Jo, has that parcel arrived yet with your new choc Ivy Bayswater????? Can't wait to see it.
  2. hello sarajane! It won't be the actual bag you saw as I ended up ordering it from the Bicester outlet. It's being sent out today so hopefully should arrive in the next few days!

  3. Hope you got a great price. Looking forward to seeing it..
  4. It was £416 with £10 postage. Can't wait to see it IRL! Was a bit confused this morning because i went out, came back and there was a message on my answermachine saying if I was still interested in a chocolate bayswater they have the one with leaves on!!! I phoned them just to double check that my bag was ready to be sent(which it is!!):yahoo:
  5. Me too - can't wait to see pics!:nuts:
  6. :heart::heart::heart::heart:My new ivy bayswater!!!!:tup: No regrets here about going for the one with leaves- they always look kind of orange in pictures but IRL they are oak colour and just give the bag a bit of a 'lift'. I shall post piccies tomorrow! It fits on my shoulder even over my coat so that's a bonus too!

    Only problem I have is they've left the security tag attached to the bag- it's attached to the mulberry disc somehow :confused1:. Anyone know how on earth to get it off or am i going to have to go to the store!!!!??? Don't really want to send the bag back and forth but the bicester outlet must be a good hours drive away!!
  7. Oh no! Eek - they probably forgot to remove it. Call them and see what they say.

    I saw this bag IRL a while ago and I agree the pictures don't do it justice. It is a gorgeous bag - congrats!:nuts:
  8. So glad you love it! Looking forward to seeing the pics.
    Hope you've solved the security tag problem.
  9. Pics? Hurry up and share, I love the 'different' Bayswaters! :sweatdrop: *impatient*
  10. see my thread with piccies!!!