Ivy bayswater has arrived!!!

  1. :nuts::nuts::heart: I love it - it's going to be a great work bag and i really think the leaves give it a bit of a lift ( although I know not to everyones taste!) It's got a few scratches that the SA told me about and which aren't really that noticeable on the chocolate darwin. Only problem:tdown: is that they forgot to take the security tag off !!! So now I'm going to have to take a drive to the store next week ( whih is over an hour away) to get the tag removed!! But hey- I've got an excuse to visit the store now:graucho:.

    here are some piccies!
    IMG_0545 (2)small.jpg
  2. my collection of mulberries

    img_0539 (2) small (2).jpg
  3. modelling pics

    IMG_0549 (2).JPG

    IMG_0551 (2).JPG
  4. great bag, I thought the Bayswater would be too big, so I've been looking at the Ledbury, howerver...I think the bag looks FAB, so now I may have to rethink again... You're right about the leaves by the way..Just right for Autumn, can I ask how much it was??
    Also I have an Annie, is it as heavy and can you carry it comfortably off the shoulder? I feel silly trying all the bags at the shops, as I can't make up my mind and I'm sure they think I'm a time waster!!!
  5. Jo, I LOVE your bag - it's gorgeous. The leaves give it a little extra something, I think. Is it a tooled Bayswater? I never know if the tooled description refers to any kind of embellishment or a particular kind.

    The photo of your bag collection is great, too. Your bags go together really well (although obviously you won't be carrying all three at once!)

    I must admit, your Annie is winking at me :lol: Is that oak? It looks gorgeous - really rich. Much bigger than I'd thought - it's handy to see it next to the Bayswater as it gives a real sense of proportion. I can see how it would be heavy but I don't think that would bother me as it looks like it would be easy to carry on the shoulder.

    Rachiem, I found that the Bayswater is actually smaller IRL than it appears to look in pictures (the opposite to the Annie, I guess). The Ledbury is teeny-tiny. Way too small for me (although I am 6ft). I also don't like trying out in shops as I feel like a bit of a stalker, however, I'm going to take a tip from SJ and just take all the padding out and really try them on in future :tup:
  6. Congrats on the new bag. It's beautiful. I have this bag and love it for work and weekends. Enjoy it!
  7. Jo, Looking good! Your new bag is lovely. I really like the oak leaves, they make it more distinctive. It looks great on you. It was worth the wait, then?!
    Having just bought Alana I've promised myself no more bags but I still keep pondering over Annie or Phoebe, I just love the shape. Got to say no, no, no to myself!!
  8. Just gorgeous - congrats it looks amazing:flowers:
  9. GORGEOUS!!! :drool:
  10. Hi it was £416 from the outlet. It feels a similar weight to the annie and without a coat it fits easily on my shoulder. I've tried it on with a few coats and some it still fits on the shoulder ok with and others it's a bit of a squeeze. i was concerened about being not being able to wear it as a shoulder bag but have been pleasantly surprised!!!
  11. Hi yes, the Annie is oak although both it, and the oak leaves on the bayswater both look a bit ginger in the photo's!!! The annie is easy to carry on the shoulder!
  12. It's a stunning bag and it looks wonderful on you. I love your collection. I can't wait till mid Oct. to see some in person. Congrats!
  13. Fantastic! :heart:

    Loving it with your jacket - the oak leaves definately lift the whole outfit.

    Loving the Annie also - such a great collection - as Dita says, they go together really well :tup:
  14. THANK YOU JO so much! for all the pics. WOW, they are really helpful! I get to see the sizes in relation to each other, and also, the modeling pic of the Bayswater helps with the size. When I see a Bayswater in a store (every six months or so...) they always look so big. But when I see it modeled -- on you and Kate Moss!-- it looks classy and perfect. And I ADORE the leaves on the bag. I didnt' think I would like them, but I think they give a great touch, because sometimes, a Bayswater looks like acres of plain leather. So, enjoy your great collection of bags. You certainly have bought the classics.
  15. Oo what a wonderful bag - congrats!