I'vv got Muse!! Meet my new medium and baby size :)

  1. It was love at first sight :love:
    Muse 1.JPG Muse 2.JPG
  2. Wow! Two Muses!!! They're both very pretty. Congrats and enjoy your new bags. :yes:
  3. Thanks Cosmo :smile: :smile:
  4. *GASP* Both are such beauties!! I especially love the metallic anthracite (?) one. Congratulations!!! :yahoo:
  5. Thank you Butterfliie ....The metallic anthracite is quite roomy for a small bag - The medium is brown (it' looks black though)
  6. Congratulations! I love them both. Great choices.
  7. :drool: They are gorgeous! Congratulations!!!
  8. Beautiful!The anthracite is really striking with the gold hardware.
  9. Oh wow! I LOVE your anthracite baby bag!! It is perfect! Congrats, Cilifene!
  10. Gorgeous bags! Love both of them :love::love:

  11. Karo gr8heart Samantha and Lainey ....Thank you so much!!! :love:

    Anthracite baby has silver hw ;) :smile:
    Muse.JPG Muse C.JPG
  12. love them both! that anthracite is calling my name!
  13. Thanks Hanne and Bagnshoo... :heart:
  14. I love them both. I want one!!:love:
  15. Amazing bags!!!