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  1. Would it be too much of a good thing to have both an 07 Fall Ivory RH City and a Blanc (stark white) Paddy?

    Would you consider them two very different bags?

    I don't wear the paddy often because I don't want her to get dirty! Are bbags even harder to keep clean?
  2. Hi, I don't know what the paddy white looks like, but I think they are both very different bags.

    I have the balenciaga ivory first and got some jeans transfered onto the bottom with my first wear. Luckily it came off with some cleaner, but I ordered some apple guard care items to protect it. I've heard that the protectant really helps to keep it nice.

    The ivory is a cream color - like vanilla ice cream. Next to a true white, it looks a bit yellow, but not too yellow, it's more of a cream color.

    In my opinion, if you're too afraid to wear the paddy, then it will be the same for you with the balenciaga.
  3. They would be as different as chalk and cheese, particularly in the way the leather feels and shapes the bag. However, the thing that links them is obviously the fact that they could both get dirty. I suspect that the B-bag would get used as little as the Chloe.
  4. I love the Balenciaga ivory leather and color! Don't think this would make a good choice for an everyday bag because of the dirt factor, but it is gorgeous an would make a great bag to alternate in and out of use!
  5. Very different bags, colors :yes:

    But the Paddy's are WAY easier to keep clean!!
    The Bals are FAR more difficult more delicate.

  6. I'd love to get an Ivory too but don't know if I can justify spending the $$ for it because I would only carry it during the warmer climate.
  7. Have you seen ivory IRL? It is the color of vanilla ice cream (maybe a tad darker) and I think it will make a lovely year round color - more of a 'winter white', if you will.