Ivory weekender SB 499 BIN 999

  1. Wow :wtf: . This is a bargain!! :wlae:
  2. GREAT price!!!!!
  3. Is it authentic? I have been watching this, dont like light colors, but this one seems to be calling out to me...
  4. I just bid on this.....Are you guys sure it's the real deal?

    I hope so.

  5. I've been watching it and I really love it, question authenticity a bit???
  6. WOW - GORGEOUS :nuts: !! I'm not really sure about the Authenticity :s - - - any experts here :shrugs: ??

    Thank you for posting olfa :flowers: :love:
  7. Wow it looks good to me - ask for the underside of the "bolt" that attaches the handles to the bag. Also ask if the numbers match.

    This could be dirtier than it looks. the upper right corner - the handles and the body of the bag right underneath the handles.

    But given the price - who CARES??? - IF it dirty I mean - not who CARES if its authentic of course