ivory vs grey wisteria - which would u pick?

  1. hi there,
    am deciding between a ivory spy from NAP or a pre-owned grey wisteria on eBay?
    would love a quick poll. this would be my first spy!! is the wisteria one harder to come by??
  2. I vote for the brand new ivory, it's new and I like the ivory colour better than grey is a little washed out for me, that's just my personal taste.
  3. Had to think about this one but siding with the grey. You can use this one year round, right? It can be dressed up or down. Grey gets my vote!
  4. I am not to sure on either I am afraid. The Ivory is a good buy on Nap but they can get dirty if you use them a lot. If you wanted a Wisteria I would try and hold out for a honey one, as the grey is a bit washed out, but thats just my opinion.
  5. Definitely ivory.
  6. I like the ivory and the fact that it's new.. But grey isn't bad either... hmmm sorry, that was of no significant help haha!
  7. Do you have a picture of the Ivory spy? I can't seem to find it on NAP

    ...the grey spy is ok...generally I don't tend to buy grey things (they remind me of sweatpants)
  8. LOL I'm biased on this one. I went through hell to get my gray wisteria and ruined her and a lovely PFer helped me acquire another. I love the gray Spies because they are different and such a unique color, and certainly harder to find than a white Spy.

    Of course, I also own a super bubbly white Spy hobo (the first edition without the front pocket) that I adore because it went with everything. It does pick up dirt rather easily though...
  9. The grey wisteria because of how unique it is, and I think it can truly be worn year round. Also, I would be worried about dirtying a white spy. But both are gorgeous!
  10. Wow, that's a tough one since both are gorgeous! I'll have to say the grey wisteria since I just love the lil' flowers plus I do like grey bags.
  11. I pick the grey. From what I heard through multiple SA's the white ones tend to get dirty fast. But if I could find a white wisteria,I'd probably jump on it still. I think the wisteria is a bit more unique than the standard spy. If you could hold out for the honey wisteria, I would definitely do that.

    Good luck! The bottom line seems that you can't go wrong with either one, just go with what you WANT most. :heart:
  12. i settled for the grey wisteria instead. bought it off a lovely lovely ebayer. by the way, the ivory spy is on the UK site instead of the US as only the UK post to Australia. by the way, can anyone shed any light on which collection is the grey wisteria from?
  13. ^^^ great choice! I'm just a tad bit biased though.. :p