Ivory Tracy in my HOUSE.

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  1. My BG Med Tracy came today and the color is actually mastic, putty white, not ivory. I soooo love it.

    What is it with the Chloe's, darn? They are just beautiful bags.

    Thanks to this forum (and was it greeneggs) with her stategic pricing game between BG and NM, getting this purse at 658 was just incredible.. Like I told my sister I thought I would open the box, see a bland white bag, get over my bad self, clean my blood out and return the disappointing purchase.

    It's one of those things that when you lay eyes on the object, for the first time and your gut reaction is, "OH YEA" you know you did good .:heart:

    Nathalie and I will send a group pictures, once all the goods are in our hot little hands (sheepishly:confused1: we need her daughter's knowledge).

    Another thing, Nathalie and I are on purse ban.....like forever!!!!!!!
  2. I am so happy for you. I too was surprised as to how much I loved these Tracys--they are SO much more beautiful IRL.
  3. Congratulations! I am sooo jealous (in a good way) it's a gorgeous bag!
  4. congrats!!
  5. Yeah!! Can't wait to the see the pics! Enjoy!
  6. Congrats...really looking forward to seeing the pics!
  7. Congratulations susieserb!!! Nathalie and I both ordered the python silverado from AR and needless to say, I'm on pins and needles until both of us get it!! :p
  8. Me too!!! I was just staring at the picture - as I have for months now. They must have had a lot of them at AR. I can't wait to see Susie's new Tracey too. What a pile of purses we will have! Even one duplicate since we both have a choco patent chain handled Betty.
  9. Naughty proactive girls!! But you're the early birds and what a worm you two scored, yowzers!

    Your bag will arrive fast. The one I returned to AR came on a Monday and I ordered the darn thing the prior Saturday night.;)
  10. susierb, I know what you are saying about this Tracy! I almost bought this too in Paris when the one I really wanted was sold. It sat unassumingly in one corner of the Chloé booth at Galeries Lafayette but it cost something like 1,095 Euros, not a price I wanted to pay for my second choice Tracy. But for $658?!?! I would have gotten one too if I didn't already have 3 Tracys! Enjoy your bag and I can't wait to see your collection together with your sister's!
  11. Congrats! can't wait for pics :biggrin:

  12. If it wasn't for YOU I probably would have not purchased this obscure, Chloe addition. I think Tracy's tend to fall into the cracks of the floor and sort of get ignored. You've been a great voice and I'm so glad I listened.
  13. congrats well done