ivory suhali le fab

  1. How difficult is it to keep the ivory suhali le fab looking nice with moderate use? Can it be cleaned easily?

    I love the look of the le fab on ivory, but I wonder if I'd be asking for disaster to strike with that ivory goatskin?:confused1:
  2. i have a lockit in blanc and i am obsessive compulsive about it. lol. i probably don't need to be but i'd rather be safe than sorry. i have used a dry magic eraser on it to get some marks off of it.
  3. I have two white suhali bags for a while now and only really use my lockit....I haven't had any issues with it and I don't baby it at all ...you do have to be carefully about what you place inside it due to the lighter lining:yes:
  4. My husband bought me the white Le Fab for my birthday a couple of weeks ago --- used this fabulous bag twice so far and I do tend to baby it. So far, so good. LOL I know it hasn't been long enough, but I hope this bag stays fabulous for a very long time!
  5. ^^ Oh your so lucky PurseNut! I love the le fab!!
  6. I would say as long as you're careful with it then you should get it! Its such a stunning bag!