ivory stam 539.90 at saks

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  1. first it was the topaz stam for 429 that i missed
    and now the ivory stam for 539.90 at Saks.com!
    :sad: :sad:

    did any of you tpf'ers get one?!
  2. I just went on Saks.com and when you click on the black Stam, it says "sale 539.90$" but when I put it in my basket, price returns to 1350$. I really do not understand.

    I am looking for an Ivory and 540$ is a real bargain...
  3. What about calling in the order and asking if they'll honor the price on the website? Since Saks is really customer oriented I think they would do it.

  4. Good Point Zoey, I tried using the customer service chat feature to see if they had any available but maybe talking to a person will create a better response!
  5. any1 locate it yet? also what is the item #?
  6. just called saks customer service. the $539 online sale price is for an ivory or topaz stam. I asked f they would honor the sales price for a black stam, but they said no. :tdown:
  7. Do you think they have some left (Ivory and Topaz...)?

    Am I the only one that saw "540$" for the black and almond ones??? I really don't understand how that site works.

    Think I am going to call...
  8. I just called and they are backorder. The lady told me "anyway, sale is over mam!!!!".

    I am not lucky. :crybaby:
  9. ^^Hmph! That lady doesn't sound very nice. :yucky:

    Terribly sorry to all of you missed out. :sad: ~hugs~