Ivory Sienna Arrived from NM and . . .

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  1. it's just beautiful! I'm really pleased. The color and feel of the leather is something, like buttercream frosting. Has a much more delicate feel to it than my espresso Sienna. I had feared it would be a beat up floor sample, but the paper wrappers were still in place and there isn't a smudge on it!:yahoo:

    I plan on spraying it with Wilson's and I know I have to be careful with it. This isn't going to be a bag to throw around or abuse. Anything else I should do, or avoid doing? Grace, don't you have an ivory Sienna? Any advice? Thanks ladies for your input!!
  2. Sounds yummy! So happy for you. Enjoy!:heart:
  3. Sounds scrumptious! Congrats!!!
  4. Like Buttercream Frosting? It sounds wonderful.

    I wouldn't know if I should carry it or lick it. *s

    I suggest being very careful wearing it up against your bluejeans.
  5. I've got the Ivory Sienna, youngster, isn't it beautiful?:heart: Don't care if it's the most impractical colour, I love it to death..

    Stuff it and wrap it in the dustbag when you don't use it and just go careful, like ladysales mentioned, when you wear jeans or dark colours or avoid dark colours altogether with this bag..if you look after it, you should be ok...

    Congrats, just in time for summer:yahoo:
  6. Hi Youngster. No it's not me with the ivory Sienna but it would be a great find!

    Pics, please!
  7. Thanks ladies for the advice! I will be careful with it; I've tried to read all the previous threads about ivory bags and I'm going to be very careful around dark colors and blue jeans.

    Ladysalesrep: LOL. I keep touching it; its so soft and scrumptious.

    Thanks Grace, I remember now that it was Maggie that has the ivory Sienna.

    Maggie, I appreciate your advice too, as I now recall you have one of these lovelies! In fact, I think it was the photos of yours that you posted way back that made me think how great it would be to have one!

    I'll get some pics today and try and post them tonight.
  8. ooh yes please post pics! it sounds soooo beautiful (and i'm sure it is)!
  9. Sounds yummy! pics!!
  10. I've taken some pics and will post them tonight.

    Maggie, I was wondering if you had sprayed or treated your ivory Sienna in any way?
  11. Youngster, this is how I got my Ivory Sienna (and why she has never been sprayed...):

    This bag was what brought me to Tpf (another reason to I'm so fond of it)... I loved this bag before I had any idea about the hype around it and happily/stupidly bought one on ebay while I was still pretty green...of course, I ended up with a fake, a brilliant fake, I have to say, but it was something about the leather that didn't seem quite right for a $600 dollar bag..I was lucky, seller accepted the return, but I was still out of shipping cost both ways (about $100 Aussie dollars) and wowed to be more careful..

    I found a wonderful seller, FreshFashionstore who sold a lot of Koobas, (it's a shame she doesn't list them anymore, bag was still in original plastic with the white straps to hold the leather in place) saw my Sienna listed, but had a problem: I was leaving for a month's holiday (one of those "around the world"-trips) and would not be home to receive the package..Our first stop was LA and this great girl suggested she'd send the bag to my hotel...We had communicated a lot by then and decided we were both kosher..still, a bit of a gamble and I was pretty nervous, but my gorgeous, soft, fresh, totally impractical first Sienna was there and I wore her everywhere and of course, did not think to protect her first...

    To end this rambling, by the time I got her home, she had been cleaned several times with a leather cleaner, which worked well, but you can only rub this bag so much before the leather starts almost peeling and there are still a few marks on it..so I don't want to spray it and seal in any dirt. If I could send her somewhere like Lovin'mybags I would, but don't think we have anything like that in this godforsaken place....

    Still, she looks gorgeous and I'm looking forward to take her out again when we hit summer (sometime in December, LOL) I'd like to get another one, just for the chance to be more careful...
  12. Hi Youngster, this bag is what got me interested in Kooba when I saw a picture of Sienna Miller with it and was sadly told that was "last years" color and complete unavailable. If I may ask, where did you order the bag from ? I was told it is impossible to find at this point. Thanks!!! Lynn
  13. Ooh, can't wait for pictures! Congrats.
  14. Thanks for your Sienna story Maggie! I'm so glad that you've been happy with the bag, though I can tell its going to be a challenge to keep it looking good.

    Rainbow, it was pure dumb luck. I was cruising the NM website a couple of weekends ago, late at night. They must have just marked down a large number of bags along with some leftovers. The desert Sienna was available. I ordered one. Then it disappeared from the site in minutes. The next morning, I checked the site and the ivory Sienna was available. I ordered one, figuring one or both orders would be cancelled. Sure enough, the desert one was cancelled the next day but the ivory shipped. Go figure. They could sure use some help with their order/inventory system. I would periodically check their site and BG (who also had the ivory that same night as NM). You might get lucky and someone may return one. Though honestly, at that price, I think its more likely they'll find their way to e-bay.
  15. I think Sienna Miller dragged around in every pic I saw of her a beige Sienna bag not worrying about dirt problems, but then with the money she makes , why worrry? Is ivory more white a color or the same color from the spring ? And is it one of the heavier Kooba bags. I held one once lovingly and felt it weighed a lot? Thanks!!!
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