Ivory Quilted bay is here

  1. :yahoo:

    I just love it!!


  2. She is beautiful. I love the Ivory. just scrumptious. Let's see a modeling picture. still trying to get a feel for size.

  3. Congrats!! ..Beautiful :smile:
  4. Congrats Chloe, I think this is definitely the best colour, enjoy!
  5. LilacKatz has just posted a piccie of her holding it in the what colour bay are you going for thread, she looks lovely holding it!!! :yes:
  6. Well done Chloe - I'm glad you love her - you waited long enough!

    Wear her with health and happiness
  7. :yahoo: :love: Congrats Chloe-Babe! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L :love:
  8. thanks lovelies, now what do you think to these to go with her lol ;)

  9. surprise surprise the matching shoes!!!!

    Is there no end????

    Gorgeous by the way - would be a great match
  10. c-b, love the bag and adore the shoes!! congratulations!!
  11. I am dying for that bag and those shoes look amazing!!
    What a great match!
  12. it's so pretty, congrats!!
  13. Love your Bay! Congrats. :yes:
  14. Gorgeous bag and shoes. Congrats Chloe-babe. =)
  15. Congrat!:yahoo: The shoes a must! Is the bag heavy?