Ivory Python/Black Jaws at NM in Charlotte

  1. At NMs today I saw truly stunning shoe. It is the Jaws style but the ivory/white portion is python. It stopped me in my tracks. My SA - Carlynn said that it was a return from the Vegas store. They only have one and it is a size 37 or 37.5 (I can't remember) and price is $1,070. If anyone is interested, you should call the NM and ask for Carlynn (704) 422-7900. Here is a pic I took with my camera phone.
  2. oh Lord, it's not fair, that's too pretty for words!
  3. :drool: !!!!!!! They're beautiful. I love python.
  4. Has anyone seen this "Jaws" in BLACK Python anywhere?....in the US? So far I only know of UK stores that got the black python version and it's going to be hell to get python past US customs. I'd buy the Jaws in every color available (and give up all the Very Prive's) if I could....that shoe fits me the best out of all the CL's I've ever come across. Anyone on the fence should get it; it's worth more than all the VP's combined in my mind :heart:
  5. Lynn, I absolutely love that shoe! One of my favorites.
    I have it in beige and have been considering getting it in red as well.
    This is one of the best VP styles IMO, and if this is your size then you should grab it because that shoe sold out months ago!

    Foxy - I recently saw a black python Jaws on eBay but it already sold. I would love to get this in black too!
  6. Yeah, thanks, I saw that listing as well from eBay UK....but there's something fishy about that seller and I didn't want to risk it. I can't believe our 3 boutiques in the US nevered ordered the black color in this shoe.
  7. I LOVE python and that is my size!

    Foxy, what is it about the fit of the jaws that you love the most?
  8. Lavender, I know it is expensive, but it is so stunning IRL. Call Carlynn to check on the size. I can't stop :drool: over it. If I could shove my size 39.5/40 foot into it, I would have! Hahaha
  9. I can't begin to tell you how gorgeous this shoe is IRL.:love:

    By the time I saw Kamilla's post with pics of her gorgeous beige pair in early fall, it was already too late because they sold out instantly at Saks. I had to wait until December to get a pair from the CL boutique, but they are WELL WORTH IT.

    The CL Horatio boutique still had them in red python when I was there last weekend. I didn't even know they came in all black!
  10. They are stunning! I bet it is tdf in real life.
  11. They were so amazing, I wanted to cut my toes off to fit in them!!!!!!